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18 February 2013Breaking News - DNA Tests confirm worst fears

The  DNA tests from our local laboratory in Inverness (About 80 miles as a blind crow flies), has confirmed our very worse fears. Thre is NO horse DNA in any of the pies sold from the Glenboggin Bakery. Detailed tests on a Chicken and Ham pie broke down the ingredients as follows:

Pastry: A Little
Beef  30%
Salmon (poached)  20%
Dog  15%
Pigeon (we think!)  8%
Unidentified Creature (possibly Racoon)  15%
Kangaroo 9%
Chicken 2%
Ham 1%
Horse 0%

Of course, the discovery of Kangaroo meat in the pie is being looked on as slightly suspicious ever since Skippy went missing from Edinburgh Zoo a few weeks ago! Police will eventually look into the matter (once they've found Glenboggin)

Residents of Glenboggin are shocked and horrified to hear about this as they've no idea where the beef might have come from!

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