Glenboggin Community Cooncil, the only Council NOT officially recognised (or even known about) by the Highlands And Islands Council, is very pleased to have you visiting their little community website.

And let me begin by stating that Glenboggin Community Cooncil has always been interested in Open Government and we are delighted to say that not only are our meetings (and our biscuit tin) open to the public, but now, in this exciting new development, so is this hugely informative website open to all who wish to look in on us!

And not just to view it - oh no! Feel free to edit and muck aboot with it too! Just click the log in link at the top left-hand corner of the page, pretend you're Dougie (he'll not mind 'cause he's a blind old cout anyway!), and enter the password 'blue'. After that you'll have full access and can try your hand at editing a FREE Spanglefish Website

But remember, if you find something offensive on the site, or the changes you make get changed themselves, it's likely because some ither nosy blighter's playing with the system at the same time.

Anyhoo, if you like what you see and would like to have your own website just like ours (well, maybe not like ours!), then just go to the Spanglefish website and sign-up. It's so easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it before now!


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