Location Of Glenboggin

It's a constant puzzle to some*, but everyone keeps telling us that the Scottish Tourist Board (or Visit Scotland as it now seems to be called) can't direct visitors our way because they don't know where it is. Jings. They'll be saying that the Loch Na-Midge Monster doesn't exist next!

It's quite clear really, and here's a map to prove it. Glenboggin is situated in the majestic Glen Scunner near Loch Na-Midge, just 17.5 miles from Achnashoogle. Can't be clearer than that.

Satnav users should enter the postcode GB1 8XN, but remember to head north once you get to Budapest rather than East as there seems to be a glitch. Or if you're in the centre of London get yourself onto the M25 and then just keep going till you reach the end.

*PS, if you really want to know why you can't find Glenboggin on a map, see this FAQ.

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