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Dougie Hoots-McLafferty Tel: 09876554
Address: The Bridge (under) Glenboggin Scotland

Old git and professional volvo driver. Has a bit of a thing for steam engines too. This is not a photo of him but one he stole recently.
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Vice Chair (or Chair of Vice) | Miss? Binky Scott-McNaughton
Binky Scott-McNaughton

Binky's been sitting on Dougie's right hand fer as long as any of us can remember. By all accounts she is pretty good with her left hand as well!
Secretary/Treasurer | Mr Reginald Cooper-Smythe
Reginald Cooper-Smythe
Address: Glenboggin Manor

I retired from the Home Counties (thrown out) to my holiday home in Glenboggin in 1971 and feel I'm almost a native. Jolly good show what!
Councillor | Miss Pendula Ambersome
Pendula Ambersome Tel: +1 666 66666
Address: Just outside Glenboggin down by the river

"Inflation worries me" Pendula told the Glenboggin Post. "In these hard times the last thing we need is for the economy to blow up in our faces. I intend to take things firmly in hand as soon as the election campaign is up and running".
Councillor | Archie McStrivens
Archie McStrivens

Nicknamed 'damn chancer', Archie is the local taxi driver and bookie though don't tell the official licensing authorities. Not that they know where Glenboggin is anyway. In fact Archie's aboot the only person can find his way in and out without a map!
Minutes Secretary | Mrs Elma Hoots-McLafferty
Elma Hoots-McLafferty

Dougie's mother. No-one counts the minutes like oor Elma
Secretary | Ms Wilma MacLennan
Wilma MacLennan

Wilma is the telephonist at the local exchange (last upgraded by the post office in 1897) so mind yer language if you're phoning up to complain aboot yer holiday in the Glenboggin Arms.
Ex Officio Member | Lord Aurthur Itis
Aurthur Itis Tel: 007 007 007
Mob: Sometimes
Address: The Lodge Rumatroid Drive Knees Bend Glenboggin

Suffered all of his life with a pain. Married Emma Roid last year so the pair are now a right pain in the bum!
Also proud to have been voted Glenboggin patient of the year in 1952.

If you'd like to join the cooncil, submit your entry forms in triplicate by hand to the cooncil offices between 11 and 11:15 on the last Friday of any month.

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