About this Web Thingy

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about our little town. We're very proud of all that we do here and we were desperate to tell the rest of the world about what we get up to. About five years ago the town cooncil decided to launch the town onto the world wide webby thingy, but after a further three years in the planning, many hours of training and sending young Josh to the big city to learn how to do it - they still weren't ready.

So, in desperation they looked around to see if they could find another Scottish Highland based company who could create a web thingy for them. The company they chose was Plexus Media, based in the almost equally beautiful town of Cromarty just twenty five miles from Inverness and about one hundred and sixty five miles from Glenboggin (I told you the road was tortuous!).

Anyway, we are really pleased with the result and the town cooncil would like to highly recommend the company to anyone out there needing a web thingy. And here's another thing, this here web thingy doesn't cost us much either. It's just £24.95 a year and, for this first year, Archie McStiven has paid for it with his winnin's from the annual Glenboggin Reindeer throwing contest! You can find out more by checking out spanglefish (not to be confused with our own fangtooth fish, of course).

A wee note of warning though, the people at Plexus eat buns! We've heard that their previous years bun bill was bigger than the entire annual income from the Glenboggin Arms so, you have been warned. Pay with money and don't get sidelined into negotiations about 50% money and 50% buns. Believe me, you will be the loser if you do!

And let me take this opportunity to say thanks to the guys at Plexus for helping add the content, and also to thank local man Theo Seller for adding his knowledge and tidbits about life in Glenboggin too.

Dougie Hoots-MacLafferty (Cooncil Chairman & Gala Queen)


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