Why can't I find Glenboggin on Google Maps?

It's a long story which has it's origins in a romantic tryst between the great-great-grandmother of Dougie Hoots-McLafferty and a young visiting cartographer back in the mid 19th century.

Elanora was a great beauty, and caught the eye of young Hector Penwright who was staying in the Glenboggin Arms whilst working on the first six-inch scale survey of Scotland. Eventually she fell for his charms and the two tried to elope, but were caught by Elanora's father, Maxwell Hoots-McLafferty, a violent and bitter man for whom love meant nothing.

He imprisoned Elanora in the cellar and had Hector marched across the Moss of Barmuckity by a couple of heavies, banishing him from the village and giving him a good thrashing into the bargain.

Hector took his revenge by erasing all the survey work he'd done of the area and marking Glenboggin and its surrounds as impenetrable wilderness. Until his death Maxwell never knew why he failed to benefit from tourist trade when owners of hostelries in other villages were thriving, and died in a state of penury.

It seems no other cartographer has ever doubted young Hector's claims, and so Glenboggin has never featured on any maps since.

My surname is also Hoots-McLafferty. Are we related?

Best to email Dougie directly - he may have some bad news for you.

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