17 April 2013
The Independence Debate

Yes folks, the main talk around Glenboggin these days is all around Independence (That's Independence from Scotland of course!)

Ever since the 'Night of the Daggers' cooncil meeting (as it's become known), Glenboggin has been looking into the possibilities of Independence from what locals see as a 'Demanding and Devisive' government way, way down South in heathen Edinburgh. In addition, several Cooncillors still strongly support throwing their allegiance in with another country, one where the tax regime's are a little less draconian. Apparently, Cyprus has been mentioned!

Of course, as Elma Hoots-McLafferty pointed out at that particularl meeting, not a single citizen of Glenboggin has paid any form of tax whatsoever since 1939, just prior to some big 'happening' in the outside world. Since that time, none of the citizens have filed a tax return or... would even recognise one if they saw one.

The subject of Independence will once again be raised at the next cooncil meeting. A date for a final vote on the matter has been set for Thursday 1st Sept 2016. Apparently this is a good date because the town needed to stay clear of any other important voting that might take place. Clearly they had the annual Glenboggin Goat throwing championships in mind!


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