The Round Table

Please note that The Round Table is currently looking to purchase a large table, preferably round, for its members’ use.  We have been using a rectangular table up to now, but frankly, the jokes are wearing a bit thin, and we have decided to put a stop to them once and for all.  Members claiming to be named Arthur King and Lance Alot have now been barred.

This year we are trying to raise money for the re-flattening of the Bowling Lawn afetr it's disastrous infestation of moles last year. If you have any ideas for raising money please let us know. However, Binky Scot-McNaughtie's idea of a pajama party has been rejected after we reaslised many of our older townsfolk don't actually wear PJ's, instead preferring to wear a suitably cut, hair nightshirt and cap.

Binky's kissogram idea has also been firmly rejected due to a lack of real teeth!



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