Local History

Not much to say really... It's believed the village was first discovered by Christopher Columbus during his first dry run exploration of the world. At the time, the inhabitants rode around on sheep, smoked coo dung,  spoke a strange dialect all of their own (now well known as 'Boggish'), and believed they were all decended from Squirrels that had fallen to the ground and had forgotten how to climb trees.

Later, after Christianity came to the village in the form of a travelling monk called McLafferty the villagers were briefly converted to the idea of a supreme being called God who resided somewhere up in the sky. However, after long deliberations and a slap up meal (which included the bodyparts of a certain monk), they decided that the Squirrel story made much more sense and reverted to worshiping trees by urinating on them. A tradition that the young men of the village still retain to this day. Especially after a heady night at the Glenboggin Arms.

It was another three hundred years before the next person stumbled upon the village and upon finding it, the man in question, a certain young engineer called Telford, immediately re-routed his much anticpated waterway many miles to the South (or was it North?), supposedly in order to save money and the 'Souls and Sanity of his fellow man'.

However, a road did finally reach Glenboggin in the early part of the twentieth century. Not by design of course, but more by a miscalulation made by a young navvy and a spilt mug of beer. Legend has it that he knocked over the beer whilst working over the map of the proposed road route and all detail became indistinct. Not wishing to upset his masters he took the initiative to redraw the planned road from memory. Far from ensuring an easy passage between Perth in the South and Ullapool in the North, the Glenboggin road (now known as the Fools' Road) veers off somewhere North (or is it South?) of Inverness and after several tortuous hours (very few motor vehicles survive) travellers find themselves disgorged into the hubbub that is Glenboggin High Street.

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