14 August 2012
It's Bin day in Glenboggin!

Good news citizens. We've just heard that young Josh (who's been temporarily working with Highland roads department near the turn-off for Glenboggin) has earlier this morning successfully managed to divert a bin lorry towards Glenboggin. Of course, it will be around three hours before it gets here, but if we all work together we'll get Glenboggin cleaned up a bit!

I realise it's been almost six months since we last lured a bin lorry to Glenboggin and that most of the bins are now overflowing so... Binky has volunteered to go bathing topless in the local duckpond which should distract the crew whilst Archie and the boys start to fill up the lorry before the crew realise what's happened.

Happy bin day everybody!

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