14 February 2013
Horsemeat not found in Archie McStrivens Pork Pie!

It's Thursday morning and the top story in the Glenboggin Bugle is all about stolen horsemeat! Apparently, one of Glenboggin's most upright Citizens and Cooncil members, Archie McStrivens, bit into his much looked forward to and locally sourced pork pie, only to discover that the usual 60% of horsemeat he expected to encounter, was missing! "It's a disgrace" screamed Archie! "I paid good money for that pie and I expect to get what I paid for".  A spokesman for the Glenboggin Abbetoir said "I just don't know what happened, we use a standard mix of the finest ingredients for all the meat we supply to the local baker whether it be for Beef, Pork or Salmon pies. We use the finest old nags, passing dogs, and pretty much anything else that dares to come within a quarter mile of the abbetoir and we've never had a complaint before".

To read the full story, or for all the latest developments, check out the Glenboggin Bugle now!

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